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Package PEAR_PackageUpdate
Installed - no -
Latest 1.1.0RC1
License PHP License 3.01
Summary A simple way to update packages at run time.
Description PEAR_PackageUpdate (PPU) is designed to allow developers to easily include auto updating features for other packages and PEAR installable applications. PPU will check to see if a new version of a package is available and then ask the user if they would like to update the package. PPU uses PEAR to communicate with the channel server and to execute the update.

PPU allows the end user to take some control over when they are notified about new releases. The PPU Preferences allow a user to tell PPU not to ask about certain types of releases (bug fixes, minor releases, etc.), not to ask about certain release states (devel, alpha, etc.), not to ask until the next release or not to ask again.

PPU is just an engine for package updating. It should not be used directly. Instead one of the driver packages such as PEAR_PackageUpdate_Gtk2 should be used depending on the application or other package.
PHP Version: 4.3.0 or newer
PEAR Package: 1.5.4 or newer
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