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Package HTML_QuickForm
Installed - no -
Latest 3.2.16
License PHP License
Summary The PEAR::HTML_QuickForm package provides methods for creating, validating, processing HTML forms.
Description NOTICE: development of HTML_QuickForm version 3 is frozen. Please submit
feature requests for HTML_QuickForm2 package.

The HTML_QuickForm package provides methods to dynamically create, validate
and render HTML forms.

* More than 20 ready-to-use form elements.
* XHTML compliant generated code.
* Numerous mixable and extendable validation rules.
* Automatic server-side validation and filtering.
* On request javascript code generation for client-side validation.
* File uploads support.
* Total customization of form rendering.
* Support for external template engines (ITX, Sigma, Flexy, Smarty).
* Pluggable elements, rules and renderers extensions.
PHP Version: 4.3 or newer
PEAR Package: 1.5.4 or newer
PEAR Package: 1.2.1 or newer
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