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Package HTML_CSS
Installed - no -
Latest 1.5.4
License BSD
Summary Provides a simple interface for validate, handle and generate cascading style sheets
Description HTML_CSS provides a simple interface to handle stylesheets declaration.
It is completely standards compliant, and has some great features:
* Simple OO interface to CSS definitions
* Can parse existing CSS (string or file)
* Output to
- Inline stylesheet declarations
- Document internal stylesheet declarations
- Standalone stylesheet declarations
- Array of definitions
- File
* Can validate contents with the WC3 CSS Validator Web Service

In addition, it shares the following with HTML_Common based classes:
* Indent style support
* Line ending style
PHP Version: 4.3.0 or newer
PEAR Package: 1.5.4 or newer
PEAR Package: 1.2.4 or newer
PHP Extension: pcre
PEAR Package:
PEAR Package: 0.1.0 or newer1
PEAR Package: 3.2.0 or newer1
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