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Release Type PEAR-style PHP-based Package
Name PhD
Summary A PHP based Docbook renderer
Description PhD is a PHP based Docbook renderer aimed to replace Docbook-XSL and various
other requirements needed to build the documentation.
Maintainers Hannes Magnusson <> (lead)
Moacir de Oliveira <> (lead)
Christian Weiske <> (developer)
Paul M Jones <> (developer, inactive)
Gwynne Raskind <> (developer, inactive)
Rudy Nappee <> (developer, inactive)
Richard Quadling <> (developer)
Release Date 2018-11-13 22:25:32
Release Version 1.1.11 (stable)
API Version 1.1.0 (stable)
License BSD Style (
Release Notes - Added new language translations: Norwegian (Bokmål) (Kalle), Ukrainian (KostyaTretyak)
- Updated language translations: Danish, Swedish (Kalle), Polish (Maciej)
- File formatting and style consistency changes (Peter Kokot)
- Render return type in PHP 7 style (PHP package) (Peter)
- PHP 7.2 compatibility fixes (Thomas Punt)
- Add support for <type>iterable</type> (Jiří Pudil)
- Add a tool for checking language files (Maciej)
- Initial work on composer support for PhD (Maciej, Peter)
- Fixes for rendering PhD's guide as PHP/HowTo (Maciej)
- Fixing undefined variable notice when $TOC_DEPRECATED is not available (Ben)
- Improve PHP 7 compatibility by handling highlight_string exceptions. (Adam)
- Convert SVN -> Git in existing translations (Maciej)
- Convert language files to INI (Maciej)
- Better handling for deprecated functions (Maciej)
- simplesect elements should use the same formatting as sect[2-5] (Adam)
- Use html5 q for quoting (Hannes)
- Link to the array|object docs (Hannes)
- Use var HTML tag for envar DocBook tag (Simion Onea)
- Fixed breadcrumbs HTML markup (PHP: chunked xhtml) (Maciej)
- Fixed bug#66408 (Wrong style file in chm documentation) (Andy Burton)
Required Dependencies PHP version 5.3.0
PEAR installer version 1.8.0 or newer
Extension libxml
Extension xmlreader
Extension dom
Extension sqlite3
Extension zlib
Optional Dependencies Package
Extension posix
Extension haru
package.xml version 2.0
Last Modified 2019-09-30 05:01
Previous Installed Version - None -
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